An Adverse Reaction to Adieu: Valedictory Facts

by Poema Escritor

Fact: 75% of graduates get a haircut or string a profound brown bead

Another fact: 65% of them send out applications: to burger joints, to regional colleges, to the Ivies

Just another fact: 55% of those finally learn to tie their running shoes

Does-it-matter-fact: 10% only read ahead on their hand-me-down Norton Anthologies.

And the 25% of those unaccounted for? Those who graduate like

those who walk down the aisle like the people who receive their diplomas,

I mean those who almost didn’t make it but made it. By the string of their teeth, or

was that skin of something? Like when the finals are coming up in a few hours

and they are still sipping their lukecool coffee from their moms who eventually let

them sip  just for the heck of it. Or was it because they are working their fifth

jobs just to put their child through the mandatory educational system.

Avoiding the occasion when they will both be flipping burgers

and stringing beans, or was that beads in

their shared living rooms.



NaPoWriMo Day 6: Saying good-bye to someone or something